BOARD DAMON BORRELLIDamon Borrelli is a Marine Corps veteran who served in Operation Desert Storm.  His career in law enforcement began as his police academy’s Salutatorian and continued with becoming a Field Training Offier, SWAT team member and union president, all while leading his department in arrests.  His career ended abruptly eight years later when he fell victim to a violent physical attack.  Having always prided himself on an ability to overcome any obstacle, he found the repercussions of his emotional trauma devastatingly insufferable, nearly ending much more than just his career.

Damon is dedicated to supporting both law enforcement officers and veterans with PTSD, and increasing awareness of the condition for both the public and law enforcement community.  He believes taking positive steps towards early intervention, recognition and prevention are critical, as are championing the need for both administrative and legislative reforms.  Damon holds a Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine and a Juris Doctor from Roger Williams School of Law.  He currently works with healthcare practitioners in the field of opioid addiction, consulting to minimze patient risk and medical license liabilities by improving testing and prescribing protocols.