Jim Russell2Jim Russell, member, is the Deputy Chief of Police at the Florida State University Police Department where he has served for over 22 years.  He has served in patrol, crime prevention, training, support services, and investigations. He became involved in mental health awareness and suicide prevention as he dealt simultaneously with increasing incidents of suicide on campus as well as his own diagnosis of major depressive disorder in 2010.  Deputy Chief Russell is dedicated to advocating for the elimination of stigma concerning mental health issues, prevention of suicide and self-harm, encouraging senior management in first responder agencies to become better educated, and encouraging first responders to practice help-seeking without fear.  He often conducts his advocacy on bicycle as an ultra-marathon cyclist demonstrating that “persons with mental illness can and do achieve great things and deserve respect and dignity”, and has completed multiple extreme distance cycling events to promote this concept.  The core of his advocacy centers on his belief that, “If I truly love the people I work with, then I will stand up for them on this issue”.