Richard (Dick) Augusta, Director

dick augusta2

Dick’s career with the California Highway Patrol was cut short in his twelfth year when, on a night traffic stop, a felon got the drop on him and gunned him down. Dick recovered from his near-fatal wounds but, when he tried to return to the road, he was haunted by the post traumatic stress that made him hypersensitive on traffic stops and fearful he would harm an innocent person.

Dick continues to have trouble sleeping because of the incident. His story can be found in Randy Sutton’s, “True Blue, Police Stories by Those Who Have Lived Them.” His story was also a feature in the October, 2008 issue of PORAC Magazine. Dick has attended the FBI Academy Critical Incident Peer Support Training and participated in their team formation program. An advanced peer support officer, Dick has worked with traumatized officers at the West Coast Posttrauma Retreat.