BOARD 2 RICHARD LEVENSONRichard L. Levenson, Jr., Psy.D., C.T.S., F.A.A.E.T.S., is a New York State Licensed Psychologist and has been in private clinical practice since 1990, specializing in anxiety and depressive disorders, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and the effects of medical/physical conditions on psychological health and well-being.

Dr. Levenson has worked with law enforcement officers (local, state, and federal) and their families for many years conducting individual, family, and group psychotherapy and psychological testing. Dr. Levenson has been recognized as an expert in the amelioration of police stress and has published on the topic. He has written over three dozen articles and numerous book reviews. After serving a five-year term as Editor, Dr. Levenson is currently Associate Editor of the International Journal of Emergency Mental Health, a peer-reviewed, scholarly publication, and has helped bring research on police stress from traumatic incidents to the international psychological and police communities.

Dr. Levenson’s credentials include certification as a Traumatic Stress Specialist from the Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists; certification as a Traumatologist by the Green Cross Foundation; and he is a Fellow of the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress. From September 11, 2001, to November, 2002, Dr. Levenson was on-site at Ground Zero of the World Trade Center participating in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) group and individual debriefings of NYPD members of service as well as “debriefings for the debriefers.” For these efforts, Dr. Levenson was awarded Certificates of Merit from the NYPD Detectives’ Endowment Association and the National Fraternal Order of Police, Critical Incident Committee.

Dr. Levenson is currently a consulting Department Police Surgeon for the Ulster County Sheriff’s Office in Kingston, NY. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the 9/11 Police Aid Foundation, a not-for-profit organization. The Foundation was incorporated to provide charitable relief to any member, (retired or active), of any Police Department that has become ill or disabled in any way due to the effects of the terrorist attacks against this country on 9/11/01. The Foundation also provides aid and support to surviving family members of any officer that should succumb to such an illness or injury.