BOARD WALT AND LEONA NARRWalt and Leona Narr, Directors: Walt is a retired Captain from the Davis Police Department in California. Walt describes their work today as an effort on behalf of “every officer that has died, been injured, or even had bad dreams because of this thankless job.” With Leona, Walt is a leader of a support group, “Friends for Survival.” Leona Narr was a mental health counselor in Davis at the Yolo Community Care Continuum, as well as a volunteer for Suicide Prevention in Davis working the crisis line. Her father committed suicide when she was 10. After having breast cancer at age 40, Leona became a long-time volunteer for The American Cancer Society. She helped found a Reach for Life Program in Davis, working as a volunteer many years. The Narr’s son, Paul Narr, a Davis Police Officer, committed suicide on Aug 10, 2008 at the age of 42.